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Client Proxy 4.7.0 Release Notes

This release focuses on the support tool integrations in the Client Proxy package to collect logs, integrates with CrowdStrike to fetch device assessment scores, and enables the Client Proxy policy download from Skyhigh SSE onto the ePO. 

Release builds

  • Windows  -
  • macOS -


Supports ePO Integration with Skyhigh Private Access  

You can now download the Client Proxy policy from Skyhigh SSE onto the ePO. By integrating Skyhigh Private Access with ePO, you can access private applications from the endpoints managed by ePO. You must have installed the Client Proxy extension on ePO and deploy the Client Proxy package on the endpoints. For more details, Access Private Applications Through ePO.

Supports CrowdStrike Integration with Skyhigh Private Access

Client Proxy now supports enabling of CrowdStrike integration with Skyhigh Private Access to leverage the zero trust assessment score. Skyhigh Private Access uses CrowdStrike’s device posture score to allow only compliant endpoints to access selected applications. CrowdStrike performs zero trust assessment and provides various scores like OS score, sensor score, and overall score of the client. By using a combination of these scores, you can enforce effective device profile policies. For more details, Configure Device Profiles - CrowdStrike.

Support Tool Integrated in Client Proxy Package

The Client Proxy package installs the SCPSupportTool.exe to collect Client Proxy logs and wireshark traces (collects wireshark traces only if the wireshark wpcap.dll is installed on the client). For more details, see Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP) Troubleshooting Data and Details.

NOTE: The Analysis mode is disabled in the support tool as this option is available only for the internal use.



Group Header Enhancement

The size of the Group header is increased to 8 KB. So the total header size is now increased to 11 KB. 

Supported Operating Systems

Upgrade Considerations

When upgrading Client Proxy (macOS), see Upgrade Client Proxy to 4.6.0 and later to ensure a seamless experience.

Consider the following supported upgrade versions: 

Client Proxy version Supported upgrade version
4.5 4.6.0, 4.6.1, 4.7.0
4.6 4.6.1, 4.7.0







Some Client Proxy features require specific minimum versions of the Trellix Agent. For information about the minimum compatible versions, see Compatible Versions of Trellix Agent.

Resolved Issues

Reference Issue Description
MCP-5256 Client Proxy policy enforcement from ePO fails when a policy is manually updated in the policy folder ( /usr/local/McAfee/SCP/policy/scppolicy.opg). This issue is now resolved. (macOS only)
MCP-5487 Client Proxy policy pushed from ePO was incorrectly placed in the /var folder. This issue is now resolved. (macOS only)
MCP-5708 The Client Proxy service crashed due to boost logging. This issue is now resolved. (macOS only)

Known Issue

Reference Issue Description

Selecting the Download Policy from Skyhigh SSE checkbox will disable the option even if you don't save any changes. (UI issue)

Workaround - Click Cancel and access this page again.

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