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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Private Access 2111 Release Notes

The Skyhigh Private Access 2111 release introduces Zero Trust Network Access solution that enables granular zero trust access to private applications, from any location and device.

New features

  • Secure remote access to private applications — Securely provisions explicit access to private applications without connecting to VPNs.
  • Strong authentication — Supports SAML authentication to provide strong authentication and single-sign-on (SSO) experience.
  • Device security posture compliance — Monitors the device security posture continuously and device must comply with the specified criteria to gain access to the private application.
  • End-to-end encrypted secure communication — All communication from McAfee Client Proxy software to private application is encrypted and facilitated over a secure tunnel.
  • Context aware granular access — Create granular access to specific applications and resources through access policies limiting users to access only the applications that they are entitled to.

Updated platform, environment, or operating system support

For the list of supported platforms, environments, and operating systems for Skyhigh Private Access, see KB95034.

Connection deployment settings

Select the gateway based on the location of your Connector VM and the following are the available PoP locations (US, Singapore, Germany):

Location Gateway for connector VPN server

Resolved issues

No issues were resolved for this release that require documentation.

Known issue

Reference Issue Description
PAC-1182 The connector in a connector group fails to register and establish a tunnel with the Private Access gateway if the CommonName of the CA certificate is different from the connector group name.


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