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Skyhigh Security

Client Proxy 4.3.0 Release Notes

This release includes support for Skyhigh Private Access on both Windows and macOS.

What's new in the 4.3.0 release

Client Proxy supports Skyhigh Private Access. For more information, see Skyhigh Private Access.

If the redirection request is for a Private Application, Skyhigh Security Client Proxy performs the following:

  • Client Proxy facilitates SAML authentication to ensure that the user is authenticated. When the user is not authenticated, it prompts the user to authenticate.
  • Client Proxy identifies traffic based on the list of Private Applications and forwards the request to the nearest Skyhigh Security POP through the secure channel.

Resolved issues in 4.3.0 release

For a list of current known issues, see Skyhigh Security Client Proxy Known Issues (KB83131) and there are no issues resolved in this release.

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