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Security Service Edge 6.0.1 Release Notes

The Skyhigh Security Service Edge 6.0.1 release enhances existing features and resolves issues.

NOTE: Every release is cumulative and includes all features, enhancements, and fixes from the previous release.


These enhancements are provided.

Web policy code

Some functions to be used when working with this code have been added. 

  • Performing reverse DNS lookups — You can implement a reverse DNS lookup in the web policy code using the new MWG.DNSLookUpHostReverse function. A new MWG.HostIsIP function is also provided. If it confirms that the available information about a particular host is its IP address, the new DNS lookup function can be used to find a domain name for this address.

  • Finding Regex capture groups matches — The RegExJSi.FindAll function has been added for use in the web policy code. It searches Regex terms to find simple matches, as well as matches that occur when capture groups are used. 

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) 

Some enhancements have been implemented to improve user experience with browser isolation.

  • Page reload after enabling or disabling the ad blocker — Each time the ad blocker that is part of RBI is enabled or disabled, the web page that is being displayed is reloaded to ensure the user is aware of the changes happening on the page. 

  • Native browser's printing dialog box shown — When printing web content under browser isolation, the native browser’s printing dialog box is shown now, which allows the user to send a file directly to a printer.

CSV files

The handling of these files has been improved.

  • Import — More options for configuring the escape character behavior are available when you are using the widget for importing CSV files. 

  • Export — A widget for exporting CSV files is provided. When using it, you can configure export parameters regarding column headers and separators, as well as character sets and the escape character behavior.

Resolved issues 

Several issues relating to internal matters have been resolved.

Known issues

For issues that are known and not resolved yet, see Known Issues for Security Service Edge (formerly: Unified Cloud Edge)

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