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Client Proxy 4.5.2 Hotfix Release Notes

About the hotfix release 

Apply this hotfix to fix the Client Proxy crashing and BSOD issue due to domain migration and interoperability with the third-party product on the Windows system.
Note: This hotfix is not recommended for Skyhigh Private Access customers. 

Release build

  • Windows -

Note: This hotfix does not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version. To upgrade to a production release of the software, you must first uninstall any pre-release versions.

Resolved issues (Windows only)

Reference Issue Description
MCP-5266 Fixes the BSOD issue experienced by Client Proxy due to interoperability with the third-party product Cyberhaven.
MCP-5277 Client Proxy crashed continuously due to auto-policy download domain migration. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-5289 Client Proxy now reads the entire HTTP response while redirecting the traffic. 
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