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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh CASB 6.0.0 Release Notes (April, 2022)

McAfee Enterprise is now Skyhigh Security

McAfee Enterprise is now Skyhigh Security. Our products have been rebranded accordingly:

  • MVISION Cloud is now Skyhigh CASB
  • MVISION Cloud Connector is now Skyhigh Cloud Connector
  • MVISION Private Access is now Skyhigh Private Access
  • McAfee Client Proxy is now Skyhigh Client Proxy
  • MVISION UCE Secure Web Gateway is now Skyhigh Web Gateway (Cloud)
  • McAfee Web Gateway is now Skyhigh Web Gateway (On-prem)

Unified Help Platform for Skyhigh Security Products

All Skyhigh Security products documentation is available in one place through our unified Help platform, MindTouch. 

Azure Service Principals with Shared Key

Azure Service Principals is an authentication mechanism for Azure instances. An Azure Service Principal is an identity created under Azure Active Directory to work with apps using role-based access controls. Roles assigned to the service principal allow you to restrict access to resources, so you can control the resources and the level at which they are accessed. Service Principal was supported before with certificate authentication, with this release you can now use a shared secret as well to set this up. This makes it easier to use. For details, see Service Principal with a Secret Key and Azure API Integration for Shared Secret and Custom oAuth Application for Office 365 and Azure API Integration for details on certificate-based authentication.

CNAPP Supported Container Runtimes

CNAPP supports the dockerd container runtime for all features. It also supports containerd for Vulnerability Assessment. For details, see About Vulnerability Scans.

Refresh Incidents for Custom Config Audit Policies

On the Policy Incidents page, you can refresh AWS incidents in real-time, and now for incidents created by Custom Configuration Audit policies. For details, see Refresh AWS Incidents

Reverse Proxy for Microsoft Teams

Skyhigh CASB for Microsoft Teams supports Reverse Proxy integration for specific features. To view these supported features, see About Skyhigh CASB for Microsoft Teams.

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