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Secure Web Gateway 12.0 Beta Release Notes

Secure Web Gateway 12.0 is a controlled release that introduces new features and resolves issues. Secure Web Gateway 12.0 beta is provided for beta-testing this release.

For information about how to install this release, see the Upgrading to a New Version - Controlled Release or Installing Secure Web Gateway for the First Time.

What's New in the 12.0 Beta Release

The following new features are implemented in this release.

Rebranding to Account for Transition

Names of products, components, and other items have been rebranded to account for the transition from McAfee to Skyhigh Security.

Action for Certificate Error to be Decided by User

When a certificate error occurs, it is shown in the browser, so the you can decide which action to take.

Configurable OCSP/CRL Domain to Support Transparent Mode

When configuring a transparent proxy mode for Secure Web Gateway, you can select the OCSP or CRL domain that information about revoked certificates is retrieved from.

Scenario for Web Traffic from Multiple Tenants

A scenario has been developed to handle web traffic that originates from multiple tenants, but goes through one Secure Web Gateway appliance.

Property for Logging Next-hop Proxy Address

A new property is provided that allows you to log the IP addresses of next-hop proxies in the logging cycle on Secure Web Gateway.

Tomcat Upgrade

Tomcat has been upgraded to version 9.

Log4j Upgrade

Log4jhas been upgraded from version 1.x to 2.x.

Resolved Issues in the 12.0 Beta Release

A list with issues that are resolved in the Secure Web Gateway 12.0 release, including those that are still resolved after this beta release, will be made available when the regular release happens.

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