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Skyhigh Security

Client Proxy 4.5.0 Release Notes

This release includes enhancements for Skyhigh Private Access on both Windows and macOS. For more information about Private Access, see Skyhigh Private Access

Note: Some Client Proxy features require specific minimum versions of the Trellix Agent. For information about the minimum compatible versions, see Compatible Versions of Trellix Agent.

Skyhigh Rebranding Changes

Updated the McAfee logo, name, and copyright with the Skyhigh logo, name, and copyright in the Client Proxy user interface.

NOTE: To view Client Proxy software details, see Access Client Proxy Registry Information.

What is changed Before Now
Client Proxy software policy directory C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MCP\Policy\MCPPolicy.opg C:\ProgramData\Skyhigh\SCP\Policy\SCPPolicy.opg
Client Proxy software installation directory

C:\Program Files\McAfee\MCP

C:\Program Files\Skyhigh\SCP
Policy file name MCPPolicy.opg SCPPolicy.opg
Client Proxy services MCPService.exe and MCPAbout.exe  SCPService.exe and SCPAbout.exe
Installer executable file McpInstaller.x64.exe and McpInstaller.x86.exe ScpInstaller.x64.msi and ScpInstaller.x86.msi
Information about Client Proxy (Windows) About McAfee Client Proxy About Skyhigh Client Proxy


macOS Ventura

Client Proxy supports macOS Ventura 13.0

Using Port 443 for Secure Channel

Supports the usage of standard port 443 for the Secure Channel traffic. For more information, see Secure the Communication Channel between Client Proxy and WSGS.

Note: This feature is supported on Client Proxy 4.5.0. and later. The auto update of policy changes and traffic redirections fails when you enable Secure Channel on port 443 on the earlier versions of Client Proxy (<4.5.0).

Configure Port in Multiple Ways (Private Access)

Private Applications are identified by the host and port associated with an URL. To enhance the User Experience, the UI lets you configure a port range or the list of ports while adding the private applications in the Private Application Configuration page. For more information, see Add Applications.

You can configure ports in multiple ways:

  • Range (80-90)
  • Individual (80, 90, 8080)
  • Both (100-300, 80, 90)

Support for IPv6

In a pure IPv6 network (for example, dual stack without IPv4), the Client Proxy clients will intercept IPv6 DNS queries for private applications and returns the IPv4 address of the private application. 

Known issues

Reference Issue Description

Client Proxy may experience compatibility issue with third-party VPN clients. (macOS only)

Workaround: Adding VPN service and process name may not be sufficient, so add all VPN destination IP addresses (or network) to the bypass list of the Client Proxy policy. However, this may not work when the VPN server domain name resolves to the dynamic IP address.

MCP-5184, MCP-5185 The PA Status in the About Skyhigh Client Proxy window displays Not Connected when port 443 is used for the Secure Channel.
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