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Skyhigh Security

Client Proxy 4.8.1 Hotfix Release Notes

About the hotfix release 

This hotfix release addresses the traffic direction issues in Private Access and Cloud Firewall.

Release build

  • Windows -
  • macOS -

Note: This hotfix does not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version. To upgrade to a production release of the software, you must first uninstall any pre-release versions.

Resolved Issues 

Reference Issue Description


While accessing a Private Access application on HTTP/HTTPS, multiple tabs were opening, all of which were redirecting to the Private Access dashboard. Now, with SAML authentication, only the current browser tab on which the Private Access application is accessed is redirected to the Private Access dashboard. (Windows and macOS)


SCP no longer shows ep-client popup without configuring the Cloud Firewall policy. (macOS only)


In the SCP policy, when the Block Connection option was enabled under If user cannot connect to the secure channel port, the Captive Portal page was not loading as the secure channel port was blocked by the router or admin. This issue is now resolved. (Windows and macOS)


The high CPU utilization in Skyhigh Client Proxy is now resolved. (macOS only)


Send All Traffic to Firewall works fine when either the Domain or IP Address is added to the Firewall Exception List. (macOS only)


The high CPU utilization is now reduced, and performance is improved in two core CPU systems. (Windows only)


Known Issues 

Reference Issue Description


Issue: Skyhigh Client Proxy is not redirecting users to the SAML authentication page while accessing non-web private applications such as RDP, SSH, and Telnet private applications for the first time. (macOS only)

Workaround: The user should manually navigate to the Private Access dashboard ( to open the SAML authentication page.


Issue: Intermittently, the Trellix menulet icon is turning grey. (macOS only)

Workaround: Close and reopen the menulet to view the Trellix icon.

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