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MVISION Cloud 5.5.5 Release Notes (March, 2022)

Cloud Security Advisor Filters

Cloud Security Advisor (CSA) now allows you to filter for All Product Groups (SaaS, Iaas, and Shadow IT), All Products, and All Instances. This allows you to drill down to see specific CSA scores in the Score Chart so you can improve your organization's security posture. For details, see About Cloud Security Advisor and Cloud Security Advisor Score Chart

IMPORTANT: The new Instance filter view causes Visibility and Control scores to be calculated differently. You can expect to see a minor reduction of scores as Skyhigh CASB now considers instance-level granularity. 


Skyhigh Security Service Edge (UCE) supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), using best-in-class technologies to extract text from images for Sanctioned DLP and Shadow/Web policies. OCR is available when using Skyhigh Security Service Edge or McAfee Endpoint DLP classifications. OCR is not available with Skyhigh CASB Classifications. For details, see About OCR

Request a Service Update

If you use a service that is not part of the Cloud Registry, you can request a service on the Cloud Registry page. You can also now request an update to an existing service, such as adding a new URL, an SSL attribute, or a new vulnerability (CVE). 

When you request a service, a ticket is automatically opened with MVISION Cloud Support, and your request is sent to the Service Intelligence team for review. You will receive an automatic email when your request is complete, including details about why the service was added or not to the Cloud Registry. For details, see Request a Service.

Filter for Activity Category

On the User Activity > Activities page, you can filter the Activity Category to view the specific category of the user activity for all services. For details, see About Activities.

MVISION Cloud supports ServiceNow Rome Q3 2021

Skyhigh CASB now supports ServiceNow Rome Q3 2021. To view the list of all supported versions, see Supported Versions of Structured Apps.

MVISION Cloud supports Salesforce Spring 2022

Skyhigh CASB now supports Salesforce Spring 2022. For details on the latest or previous release versions of supported CSPs, see Supported Versions of Structured Apps

DevOps Scan for GCP

DevOps On-Demand Scan for GCP supports the Terraform templates. You can run a DevOps scan of policies against these templates, which allows resolving security issues and ensures compliance with the Config Audit policies. For details, see Create On-Demand Scan for DevOps and DevOps Template Scan API.

Enhanced Continuous Evaluation

When a new IaaS account is added, Continuous Evaluation enhances its ability to run the ODS only for newly added IaaS accounts instead of all accounts, which saves a significant amount of time. This feature is enabled by Support. For details, see ​​​​​​Continuous Evaluation for Configuration Audit.

Refresh AWS Incidents in real-time

The Incidents > Policy Incidents page allows you to refresh the AWS incidents on the Cloud Card and provides the status of the incidents in real-time. For details, see Refresh AWS Incidents.

CNAPP Policy Template

A new CNAPP Policy Template was added that supports Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS. It is "Do not generally permit containers with capabilities assigned beyond the default set in Pod Security Policies." For details, see Policy Templates for Container Security

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