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Client Proxy 4.4.2 Hotfix Release Notes

About the hotfix release 

Apply this hotfix to fix the Client Proxy traffic redirection and policy download issue on Windows and macOS systems.

Release build:

  • Windows -
  • macOS -
  • ePO extn -

Note: This hotfix does not support the automatic upgrade of a pre-release software version. To upgrade to a production release of the software, you must first uninstall any pre-release versions

Resolved issue (Windows and macOS)

Reference Issue Description
MCP-4997 Secure Channel now works with * domain.

Resolved issues (Windows)

Reference Issue Description
MCP-4736 Client Proxy now sends the Cache-Control header along with the Captive portal check.
MCP-4858 Sometimes, the Client Proxy did not receive any traffic from the user agents. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-4940 Intermittently, the alternate redirection list failed to function as expected. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-4963  Addressed the Bypass McAfee Client Proxy window loading issue.

Resolved issues (macOS)

Reference Issue Description
MCP-4921 Failed to download the policy from the Skyhigh Security Service Edge UI when the Secure Channel option is enabled. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-4930 Unable to start Client Proxy because contained an old pid that existed with a process already. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-5015 The Client Proxy 4.4.0 deployment failure through Trellix ePO and Jamf observed due to EPM check is now resolved.
MCP-5034 Resolves the issue of uninstalling System Extension after a reboot that affected Client Proxy traffic redirection.  
MCP-5035 Client Proxy now honors the policy names that are in uppercase.
MCP-5039 Client Proxy crashed due to faulty certificate in the keychain. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-5043 Client Proxy repeatedly restarted every 10 minutes, causing internet disconnection. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-5104 Client Proxy 4.4 repeatedly lost network every 10 minutes on macOS Monterey. This issue is now resolved.



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