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MVISION Cloud 5.5.4 Release Notes (February, 2022)


NOTE: This feature is considered Limited Availability, not yet Generally Available. For more information, contact Support

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge (UCE) supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), using best-in-class technologies to extract text from images for Sanctioned DLP and Shadow/Web policies. OCR is available when using Skyhigh Security Service Edge or McAfee Endpoint DLP classifications.  OCR is not available with Skyhigh CASB Classifications. For details, see About OCR

Unified Cloud Edge Logging Client


The Logging Client v1.0.6 has several improvements in functionality:

  • Pull improvements. The Logging Client now pulls calls in sequence. Once a pull from the DB is completed, the next call to the server starts. When the service is restarted or when the system is re-booted, the next pull starts from the time the last pull stopped. This process is the same with Syslog.
  • JSON file format. Output log events can now be sent in JSON as well as the default CSV. 
  • Support for new log source regions. Logging Client now supports logs from Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Fixed Issues

Reference Description
TSWS-5443 Logging Client not working- Needs service restart
TSWS-5659 1.0.5 Logging Client service stopped
TSWS-5870 Only partial logs from MWGCS using Logging Client
TSWS-5577 Logging client tool pulling 0kb files
TSWS-5607 Logging Client UK missing - added Support for UK and UE regions

Known Issues and Bug Fixes

For details, see MVISION Cloud Known Issues and Bug Fixes.

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