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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Support Portal FAQ


What is the Skyhigh Support Portal? Skyhigh Support Portal is your go-to platform for interacting with our technical support team. It allows you to submit and track any support cases you may have with Skyhigh Security. 

Why is Skyhigh transitioning to a new portal? Skyhigh is dedicated to enhancing your customer experience. This new portal offers a modern and straightforward support experience. 

How do I log into the new Skyhigh Support Portal? Starting on February 5th, customers will begin to receive an email from Skyhigh Security (and Trellix) with a custom link to activate your account. Skyhigh Security will be sending activation emails out to customers in three batches, some customers will receive this link on Feb 6th and some on the Feb 7.  After activating your account on the new platform, you can continue to use the Support Portal by visiting and clicking the Support Portal link. 

When do I start to use the new portal? As soon as you have activated your account using the link sent by Skyhigh Security, you can start to use the new portal. All new service requests must be submitted through the new portal. 

In order to facilitate a seamless transition for our customers, we will have a transition period to ensure a smooth changeover: 

  • Existing Service Request: If you have an existing open service request you will continue to use our existing Support Portal until February 9, 2024. After this time, any existing requests will be closed and moved over to the new portal.

  • For customers that do not have an activation link for any reason by Feb 8, new service requests can be opened in the legacy system. These customers should simultaneously call Skyhigh Customer Support to get an activation link.

Will my existing login and password work for the new portal? You need to create and activate your new account before you can use the new platform. Look for an email starting on February 5th if you have an existing account with us. 

What if I do not receive an email on February 5th? If you have an existing open service request with Skyhigh Security you can continue to use the log in information for our legacy Support Portal for any new support requests until Feb 8. If you did not receive an activation link email by Feb 8, please call Skyhigh customer support or open a ticket in the legacy service portal to have your activation link sent to you. Be sure to check your spam folder for an email from before contacting the customer support team.

What happens if I have an existing support case open? You will continue to have access to any existing open service requests in the current support portal until Feb 9th. 

I am the portal admin and have activated my account but my colleagues have not received their activation email. Can I help them with the setup? Yes, the link here provides steps on how to add or invite new portal users to your account.

What is the Trellix Thrive Portal? Skyhigh Security and Trellix operate legally as one corporate entity. The support portal is based on ‘Thrive’ a shared platform with Trellix. 

What if I’m both a Trellix and Skyhigh Customer? You will have one login and password for the Skyhigh Support Portal and Trellix Thrive. Starting February 5th you can access the Skyhigh portal via the link on our website.

What if I don’t have an existing Skyhigh Support portal account? Please call Skyhigh customer support to have your account created and activation link sent to you. 

If I have additional questions, where do I go? Reach out to our Skyhigh Customer Service team for assistance on any issues related to the login/activation links or passwords. 


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