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Skyhigh Security

About the Private Access Dashboard

The Private Access Dashboard provides the statistics of the private access connectors, connector groups, private applications, and private application users. By default, it displays the data for the last seven days. You can customize this dashboard by reorganizing the widgets and filtering their data.

Find the Private Access Dashboard at Dashboards > Private Access Dashboard.

You can add a new card using the Action option. Also, you can drill down to the default card and view their details.


Default Cards

  • Private Application by Bandwidth. Displays the total number of bytes uploaded and downloaded by the private applications.
  • Private Access Connection. Displays the number of connections made to different applications.
  • Private Application by Usage. Displays the number of users who accessed the top ten applications.
  • Policy Revision. Displays the number of devices for which policies are revised.

The following cards are static and you cannot customize them:

  • Connector Groups. Displays the top three connector groups by utilization and the total number of connector groups available. You can click this card to view the Connector Groups analytics page.
  • Applications. Displays the status of the application.
  • Users. Displays the total number of users who accessed private applications for the last seven days.
  • Bandwidth. Displays the total number of bytes that are uploaded and downloaded.
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