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Skyhigh Security

End-of-life (EOL) for Secure App Connectors

Skyhigh Security announces End of Life (EOL) for the following Secure App Connectors of Private Access, including subsequent updates and hotfixes. As of the EOL date, Skyhigh no longer provides Technical Support for that product version. The following table shows the updated list of Secure App Connectors and supported platforms that have been announced End of Life.  For active and supported Secure App Connector versions, see Deploy Secure App Connector

Application  Version Supported Platforms End-of-life (EOL) Date
Secure App Connector V1 VMWare VCenter
VMWare VSphere
September 30, 2024


Know Your Secure App Connector Version

To know the Secure App Connector Version, go to Settings > Secure App Connector. The connector management will have a list of connectors with the version column on the dashboard. 
image (51)_0.png

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