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Skyhigh Security

List Catalog

Create a string as a user list or user group. It can be used for private application launchpad.  

To add a user to the List Catalog:

  1. Go to settings > Policy > Web Policy > List Catalog 

List 1.png

The list Catalog window appears

List 2.png

  1. Select String from the menu. 

List 3.png

  1. Click Add New List.

List 4.png

  1. Enter list name for string. 

List 6.png

  1. Add a description for the list. 

Screenshot (282).png

  1. Click Action > Add New Items.

Screenshot (283).png

  1. Enter the string [ which can be username/user group] in the string field below. 

Screenshot (284).png

  1. Click + to add more strings. 

Screenshot (284)_1.png

  1. Click Save.

Screenshot (285).png

Note: Once the strings are saved, this will be available on the private access configuration page while adding/editing the application.

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