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Skyhigh Security

Unique Users for a Service

The Unique Users for a Service report returns User IDs when you enter the Cloud Service ID for a selected service. This is the report generated in the Users page.

Endpoint Name


Required Headers

  • Authorization: User name and password used to access SSE.
  • Content-Type: Application/json

Required Parameters

  • cspId

Optional Parameters

  • userFilter 
  • from
  • to
  • permissionidenfitifers
  • protocolidentifiers
  • tagidentifiers
  • customattrrdtos
  • useridentifiers

Sample Request

{ "tagIdentifiers":[4869] }
{ "User / IP Address":true, "Usage Count":true, "Outbound":true, "Inbound":true, "Upload Count":true, "Upload Data":true }
{ "Department":true, "Location":true }

Sample Response

name/ip,usageCount,outbound,inbound,Upload count,Upload data,Department,Location Sample1,4,80000000,120000000,4,80000000,
Support,bangalore Sample2,4,80000000,120000000,4,80000000,QA,SAN JOSE
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