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Skyhigh Security

Query Quota

Use this API call to request the number of calls you have remaining against your API quota.

URI for Request 




Acceptable Request Body

keythatidentifiesthepartner is the API key provided to you by support during initial API setup.

{ "apikey" : "keythatidentifiesthepartner"}

Example Response

    "quota": {
    "servicesperweek": 100,
    "servicesperday": 100,
    "totalservices": 5000,
    "category": true,
    "overallriskscore": true,
    "groupriskscore": true,
    "attributemetadata": true,
    "allattributesallowed": false,
    "attributesallowed": [
    "noofservicestoday": 37,
    "noofservicesthisweek": 37,
    "noofservicesinttotal": 442


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