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Skyhigh Security

Registry API Configuration

In order to make calls to the REST API for the Skyhigh CASB Registry, your application needs to make an HTTP request and parse the JSON response. The requests need to be in standard HTTP GET or POST methods. The base URL for all requests is

In order to properly configure an API request, contact Skyhigh Support for the following information:

  • Request an API Key (unique for each tenant).
  • Set the Request Profile to:
    • Identify the response content.
      • Specify the risk attributes you wish to include in the response.
      • Specify if you wish to have the overall Risk Score for the CSP included in the response.
      • Specify if you wish to have the individual Group Risk Score for the CSP provided in the response.
  • Request the quota limits for the number of requests allowed.
    • Overall (max 500).
    • Per week (max 150).
    • Per day (max 15).
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