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Skyhigh Security

Throttling API Requests

There is a limit on the number of requests a tenant can make per day and per week. 

  • A day is the start of the day of the request. The end is the end of that day.
  • A week starts for a tenant on the day of the week the API key is generated.

Skyhigh CASB stores all valid requests that have responded with a valid response in the database.

For each new request, we calculate the number of requests that have been previously made that day and that week. Skyhigh CASB sends a failed response if the quota is exceeded.

Table to store this data is as follows:

create table TenantRegistryAccessLog(
id int,
TenantRegistryAPIKeys_id int,
request mediumtext,
validRequest int COMMENT '1 if the request is valid and 0 if the request is invalid and no csp data was sent for the request',
updateTimeStamp timestamp DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,
Primary Key (id)
create table TenantRegistryAPIUsage(
id int,
TenantRegistryAPIKeys_id int,
CspCountToday int Default 0 ,
CspCountWeek int Default 0,
CspCountTotal int Default 0,
DateForTodayCount timestamp,
DateForWeekCount timestamp,
Primary Key (id)
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