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Skyhigh Security

Cloud Registry Report API

Use the Cloud Registry Report API to pull the report on the Generic Cloud Registry and Private Registry services with basic service attributes such as CSP_Id, Name, URLs, Category, Sub-Category, Service-Groups, and Risk-Scores. 

NOTE: The Risk Scores and Service Groups are tenant-specific.

URL for Request





Basic authorization with the CSPManager role.

Example Response  

    "serviceReport": [

        "cspId": 1002,                
        "serviceName": "TestBox",              
        "urls": "TestBox.com123",                
        "category": "Cloud Storage",                
        "subCategory": "Document Storage and Sharing",
        "serviceGroup": "sg2",
        "riskScore": 3          

        "cspId": 2000,
        "serviceName": "101domain - Domains & Hosting",                
        "urls": "",                
        "category": "Networking",              
        "subCategory": "Domain Naming Services",                
        "serviceGroup": "sg2",                
        "riskScore": 4          

     "valid": true
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