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Skyhigh Security

Services Used for User

The Services Used for User endpoint provides a list of services and Service IDs when a User ID is entered. This is the report generated in the User Details page.

Endpoint Name

  • queryServicesUsedForUser

Required Headers

  • Authorization: User name and password used to access SSE.
  • Content-Type: Application/json

Required Parameters

  • userID

Optional Parameters

  • userFilter
  • serviceidentifiers
  • permission identifiers
  • protocolidentifiers
  • custom attributes

Sample Request

"tableVisibilityMap": {
      "Service Name": true,
       "Category": true,
       "Outbound": true,
       "Inbound": true
  "Department": true,

Sample Response

Service Name,Risk Score,Category,Time,Outbound,Inbound,Upload data,Allowed,Denied
Jive Hosted,3,Collaboration,9 w. 1 d. 23 h. 58 m. 55 s. ,4622462,2108083581,2096383,100%,0%
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