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Skyhigh Security

SWG Troubleshooting and Common Scenarios

Key takeaways:

  • Basic troubleshooting for Secure Web Gateway
  • Identify common problem scenarios.
  • Overview of the required debug data for specific scenarios

Overview of the topics:

  • How to submit a hardware issue
  • SWG Troubleshooting
    • Feedback file
    • Rule Traces (identify delays, flow through policy)
    • Connection Traces (what is proxy engine doing, needed for SSL/HSM/FTP and more)
    • Tcpdump / Network Tools (packet flow, network communication)
    • Core File (memory dump, identify resource/performance issue)
    • Auth. Debug (identify auth. issues)
    • Common Issues – Disk Space
    • Common Issues - Performance Issues
    • Common Issues – Cluster
    • Common Issues – SSL

Presenter:  Neha Malgaonkar - Technical Support Engineer

About me:  I am pleased to introduce myself, a skilled professional with three years of experience in cloud security, web security, and proxy solutions. Throughout my career, I have developed a deep understanding of the complexities involved in securing cloud-based infrastructure, web applications, and networks against threats.                                                  


Watch the webinar here

To download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation click HERE

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