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Skyhigh Security

Ready to configure the rules of your web policy?

Join us for a webinar as we walk through Skyhigh Security’s new Web Policy Builder. We will show you how to configure the rules of your web policy, create rules of your own, and review the code that guides your web policy rules. The new Web Policy Builder will offer you the flexibility to select the criteria, operator, value, and action, and allow the web policy rules to accommodate most of the use cases that the On Prem SWG supports. 


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to migrate to the new Web Policy Builder UI
  • Capabilities of the new Web Policy Builder UI
  • Migrate on Prem SWG policies to cloud.
  • Other functionality that comes as a part of the new UI

Meet the Speaker:

Name: Anoop J

Title: Product Manager SWG


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