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Skyhigh Security

CASB Troubleshooting and Common Scenarios

Key takeaways:

  • Basic troubleshooting of Shadow IT
  • Basic troubleshooting of Sanctioned IT
  • Identify common problem scenarios
  • Overview of the required debug data for specific scenarios

Overview of the topics:

  • Cloud Connector integration related issues
    • Checking Cloud Connector logs for SIEM/SMTP/AD/CLR integration and identify the source of the issue.
    • Issues related to tokenization and de-tokenization.
  • Common Dashboard issues
    • Isolate and collect data for dashboard slowness, Incident page not loading, dashboard cards not loading.
  • DLP rule analysis
    • How to isolate and troubleshooting DLP policy related issues
  • Email DLP workflow
    • Verifying if the emails are routed through Skyhigh CASB email gateway server for DLP processing.
  • Reverse Proxy common issues
    • Collecting data for performance related issues via reverse proxy
    • Investigate device management related issues.
  • IaaS – Understand Config Audit policy and verify if the relevant fields are updated in CASB for config-audit policy to generate incident. 
Watch the Webinar HERE


This is the PowerPoint Presentation used in the webinar: HERE


About the Presenter: 

Presenter:  Madhukar DC – Senior Technical Support Engineer | CASB

My journey in cloud security began with a solid foundation in network security. Over the years, I have honed my skills in securing cloud environments, web security, cloud proxy and CASB. Have deep knowledge of protecting cloud-based resources, implementing robust security controls, and staying ahead of emerging threats.



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