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Skyhigh Security

CASB: Use Cases and Best Practices

As organizations continue to adopt cloud-based services and applications at lightning speed, the need for effective security measures becomes increasingly paramount. Skyhigh Security’s Cloud Access Security Broker provides unmatched data protection, device-based controls, and inline threat protection for all cloud applications using multi-mode cloud solution— all managed from a single platform. 

Join us for this webinar as we explore Skyhigh Security’s CASB offering, its use cases, and best practices for ensuring robust cloud security. 

In this session, we’ll review: 

  • How to provide security and governance utilizing cloud applications 

  • Controls to be aware of, including data usage and activity monitoring options. 

  • Tips to ensure you’re masterfully utilizing every control that the console offers. 

Meet the Speaker: 

Name: Karan Gadhave 

Title: Professional Services Solution Product Consultant 

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