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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP): Scenarios and Troubleshooting for MAC

Skyhigh Client Proxy (SCP), which allows our customers to redirect web requests or continue to a proxy for filtering, is an essential tool to protect sensitive data. Back by popular demand, our upcoming webinar will explore self-service approaches SCP for Mac OS clients, which minimizes the need for service requests, and maximizes the value you receive from SCP.

On Wednesday, August 30th, we’ll explore specific Mac OS commands and locations for SCP installation, as well as basic functions and technical background for SCP decision-making. In this session, Sr. Technical Support Engineer Sergej Masnizki will cover:
- Installation, policy and redirection status
- Global Routing and how redirection decision is taken
- Common scenarios and troubleshooting

Presenter: Sergej Masnizki- Sr. Technical Support Engineer, Skyhigh Security

To watch this webinar, click HERE


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