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Skyhigh Security

About Skyhigh Security Cloud

Skyhigh Security Cloud enables organizations to accelerate their business by giving them total visibility and control over their data in the cloud and protecting them from cloud threats.

Cloud First Enterprise

Most companies today are embracing the cloud. Current statistics show that 97% of organizations use some kind of cloud service.

An organization’s cloud journey is fueled by a few things:

  • Employees’ need for personal productivity. They learn about services that will make their life easier. They often will use tools outside of IT support to get what needs to get done. This is called Shadow IT.
  • The second reason is business agility, companies are moving to services to make the company more nimble, save money and speed up deployment of services.
  • The companies that want to innovate and wish to transform their businesses/industries are writing custom apps and doing that straight in the cloud. To survive and be competitive, companies are striving to become software companies.


Unmanaged Devices

Another trend that is driving companies to the cloud is the rise of Unmanaged devices

Companies are relying more and more on employees being able to accomplish their job from anywhere anytime. This causes companies to move from being able to have complete control (managed endpoint to managed data center) to a world were the data resides in the cloud and the employee can access it from anywhere, even through unmanaged devices.

This means that potentially companies are giving employees the ability to access what they need from their personal devices. Current statistics show that 87% of companies allow their employees to do this.  

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