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Skyhigh Security

SSE Third-party Integrations

Skyhigh Security Service Edge leverages SD-WAN technologies that allow remote offices to securely redirect web traffic to the Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service, where it is filtered according to your organization’s web policy. 

Skyhigh Security Service Edge allows SD-WAN integrations with the following products. Click to download the PDF documents. 

Supported Third-Party SIEMs for Integration with Skyhigh SSE

Skyhigh Security supports the following list of common third-party SIEM solutions for SIEM integration with Skyhigh SSE. 

Supported SIEM Log Format
IBM QRadar

Log Event Extended Format (LEEF)

ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF), LEEF


Splunk CEF, LEEF, and Skyhigh CASB Key Value
Trellix Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) CEF, LEEF
Securonix CEF, LEEF
AlienVault CEF, LEEF
NetWitness CEF
Exabeam CEF, LEEF
Broadcom Information Centric Analytics (ICA) CEF, LEEF
SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM) CEF, LEEF
SolarWinds Loggly CEF
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