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Skyhigh Security

Download a customer's SSE policy

Download a customer's SSE policy



  1. Customer tenant ID
  2. Access to Team City:
  • Reach out to Nick Buerger for access


Instructions to download customer's SSE Policy:

  1. Access teamcity via Skyhigh's Okta page

  2. Navigate to Project > Enterprise > Enterprise Operation (DO NOT EDIT) > Product Support > GPS-Download > Tool

  3. On the top right, select the "..." next to "Run"

  4. Under "Configuration parameters" fill out the following:

    • "EncryptionKey" -> this can be a random password (will be used later) I recommend using something simple, Firewall1!

    • "mowgli.env" -> should be left as 'production' 

    • "TenantID" -> customer's tenant ID

  5. Click "Run Build", allow this to run 3-5 minutes

  6. Once the task has been completed, download by clicking the blue-stack >


This can be opened using the GPSTree2DirGUI tool.


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