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Working with gcore dumps for mwg-core process

Internal Only
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Title: Gcore dump review for mwg-core process

Category: Troubleshooting (internal for Support)

Environment: QI blade swg debug environment

Problem: Troubleshooting High CPU issues with gcore dump

Cause: CPU Threads busy in processing or waiting for an object


Gcore dumps are helpful in analyzing the high CPU usage issues, it provides more data compared to the backtraces from running-mwg-core file available in web gateway feedback.


To generate the gcore dump files:

  • Login to ssh using root account:
  • "Navigate to the cores folder:
    # cd /opt/mwg/log/debug/cores
  • Perform the gcore procedure below:
    # gcore `pgrep -n mwg-core`
  • Check the status of the mwg service':
    # service mwg status
  • Verify the core file was created:
    # ll /opt/mwg/log/debug/cores
  • Compress the core file (we use 'gzip -9' in case it is larger than 4GB), substitute '[FILENAME]' with the filename of the desired core file:
    # gzip -9 [FILENAME]
  • Download the file from UI via "Troubleshooting" > "Log files" > "debug" > "cores" or transfer the file via WinSCP
  • Please create a new Feedback file immediately after gcore and upload it together with the core files

How to analyze the dumps, click here

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