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Skyhigh Security

Edit Notification Templates

You can edit the templates for end-user notification pages offline without using the options that are provided for this purpose in Secure Web Gateway.

To edit notification pages:

  1. Go to Policy > Web Policy > End User Notification Pages.
  2. Select Custom Templates.
  3. Download a package with all templates.
    1. Click Download Package.
    2. When the download has completed, store the package in a location on your system.
  4. Open the package and edit the templates as needed.
  5. Upload the package with the edited templates.
    1. Click Upload Package.
    2. Navigate to the location where you have stored the package, select it, and complete the upload.
      The size of the package that you upload must not exceed 200 KB.

Notifications that are sent from Secure Web Gateway to end users will now use the templates that you have edited offline.    

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