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Skyhigh Security

About Activity Control

Skyhigh Security provides the ability to control user activities for all shadow cloud services listed in the cloud registry. Skyhigh Security uses generic and custom signatures, a scaling mechanism to identify the user activities on any shadow cloud service and determines whether the user activity should be blocked based on the web policy settings. You can use activity control to protect your users from threats such as viruses and malware that can be obtained via unauthorized web access. 

NOTE: Users with Secure Web Gateway Cloud license can access this feature in the Skyhigh CASB dashboard.

The Activity Control page/ruleset allows you to configure your web policy to restrict user activities based on service groups, service categories, and individual services. The Activity Control rule set provides fine-grained control over user activities on shadow cloud services in the Service Catalog, allowing you to block specific user activities rather than the entire shadow cloud service. For details, see Block User Activities for Shadow Cloud Services.

You can find the Activity Control page/ruleset at Policy > Web Policy > Policy > Web Policy tree > Application Control > Activity Control.

The Activity Control page provides the following information and actions:

  • Actions. Click Actions to: 
  • Code View. Select Code View to view and edit the web policy code.
  • Status. Select Status to enable or disable the Activity Control ruleset.
  • These rules apply to all traffic. Click Edit and select the criteria to limit ruleset evaluation.
  • Service Groups
    • Add Service Groups. Click to add service groups to the ruleset.
    • Select Activities to Block. Click to select the login, upload and download user activities.
  • Service Category
    • Add Service Category. Click to add service categories and sub categories to the ruleset.
    • Select Activities to Block. Click to select the login, upload and download user activities.
  • Individual Services
    • Add Individual ServicesClick to add individual shadow cloud services to the ruleset.
    • Select Activities to Block. Click to select specific user activities based on shadow cloud services.
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