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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Security Cloud Known and Resolved Issues 6.0.1 (May 2022)

Skyhigh CASB

Resolved Issues

Reference Description
May 10, 2022 When running the ODS Scan for OneDrive, the scan is auto paused, and the status of the scan does not proceed from the initializing phase due to a large user base which results in rate-limiting. The scan restarts and fetches the root folders from the beginning if there is an error during the initialization phase. This issue has been fixed by adding a feature flag to change the logic of fetching root folders from the ODS crawler phase instead of the initialization phase. To enable this feature flag, contact Skyhigh CASB Support for assistance.

Skyhigh Private Access

Resolved issues

Reference Description
PAC-1545 Instead of FQDN, the hostname of the VM (RHEL/ Ubuntu)  is now used to update the POP name in the Skyhigh CASB.

Known issue

Reference Description
PAC-1363 When you see cwpp-pop-manager pod is in a CrashLoopBackOff state, then it is due to the DNS resolution errors.
Workaround:  Add the private DNS server to the cwpp-connector pod.
  1. Run kubectl get pods -n cwppto get the name of the cwpp-connector pod.
    Copy the name of the cwpp-connector pod.

  2. Run kubectl exec -it <cwpp-connector-podname> -n cwpp bashto login to the cwpp-connector pod.
  3. Add the private DNS server to the pod.
    1. Edit /etc/resolv.conf.
    2. Add private DNS IP to the list of nameservers as nameserver <DNS server IP>.
    3. Exit the pod.
  4. List pods and verify kubectl get pods -n cwpp
    The pop-manager pod will be in the completed state in the next few minutes – within 5 minutes.
  5. Verify that the pop is displayed in the healthy status in the Skyhigh Security UI. 


Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (On-Prem)

Resolved issues in 11.0.2

Resolved issues in 11.0.1

Resolved issues in 11.0

Skyhigh Client Proxy

Resolved issues in 4.4.0

Reference Issue Description
MCP-4539 Entering incorrect release code no longer crashes the Client Proxy console. (Mac only)
MCP-4730 The connection to private applications based on the RDP protocol failed when configured by using the IP address. This issue is now resolved. (Windows only)
MCP-4809 After rebooting the system, Client Proxy now displays the policy name in the System information header correctly.   
MCP-4893 Client Proxy on-premise extension now saves the changes made to the policy and generates the revision ID correctly.  
MCP-4916 Client Proxy now redirects the traffic and automatically loads the system extensions. (Mac only)
MCP-4917 Client Proxy lost network connectivity after updating the macOS. This issue is now resolved.
MCP-4918, MCP-4919, MCP-4920 Client Proxy now instantly connects to the proxy server after rebooting the system. (Mac only)


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