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How to Download SCP client with OPG as a bundle from SWG Cloud

Category / Product:SWG Cloud/Hybrid

Problem: How to Download SCP client with OPG as a bundle from SWG Cloud


1.    Please login to the administrator Dashboard that is as an Administrator

2.    Click on the Gear icon(Settings) >Infrastructure > Web Gateway Setup.


Click on the Gear icon(Settings) >Infrastructure > Client Proxy Management and go to Point 4.



3.    Under Web Gateway Setup | Configure SCP > Select Manage SCP.


NOTE: If “Get SCP” is selected it will redirect you to a page where you can download the SCP client. However WITHOUT the OPG file.


4.    Under SCP Configuration(left pane) | Click on Configuration Policies and select the Policy of your choice if there is many ,if not select the one which shows under the list which will be the default. In the Below screenshot the Policy is Test Web Policy (Renamed) is selected. Click Actions on the Right top corner.


5.    Click Export Bundle.



6.    The Export Bundle gives the options to download the SCP client based on Operation System . Please select the option of your Choice. In this article Windows is selected as Operating System


7.    Click Download to save the Bundle . Below is the Screenshot where the file name is Once the bundle is saved Please follow the next screen SCP Bundle Hash which helps in future bundle validation.


8.    Once the Bundle is extracted you can use the ScpInstaller.x64.msi file to Install SCP client where the package includes OPG file named ScpPolicy.opg OR Run the installscp.bat where the batch file has a script to run the msi file and copy the file to the path C:\ProgramData\Skyhigh\SCP\Policy\Temp\scppolicy.opg

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