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Generate CSR Heap Dump for Zulu Platform X64 Architecture


How to generate CSR Heap Dump for the process Zulu Platform X64 Architecture

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Content Security Reporter


Skyhigh Content Security Reporter(CSR) uses a java based process Zulu Platform X64 Architecture for it's reporting capabilities. In case if this process utilize high CPU cycles there is a need to generate Heap Dump and provide it to the support team for further Investigation.

Detailed Description:

1. Download and install JDK from the following location

2. Get the PID of CSR Zulu process as below

    a. Open Task Manager -> Under Processes Tab, select Zulu Platform x64  Architecture
         Zulu Process in task manager.png

    b.Right click on "Zulu Platform x64 Architecture" -> Click "Go to details"

        PID of Zulu Process.png

    c. Get the corresponding PID value for "java.exe"(In the above example it is 7240)

3. Navigate to "bin" folder in the zulu installation location. (Default will be "C:\Program Files\Zulu\zulu-8\bin")

4. Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode and execute the following command in Zulu's bin directory by replacing the PID obtained in step 2.

    jmap -dump:format=b,file=heapdump.hprof <pid>

    Example: If the PID is 7240, the run the command as "jmap  -dump:format=b,file=heapdump.hprof 7240"

   Command for collecting Heap Dump.png

5. The above command will generate heapdump.hprof file in the current location as shown below

   Location of Heap Dump.png

Note: You can delete the heapdump.hprof file after sending it over to support due to it's huge size.





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